Sending Out Ministry

BRYANT, Jerry & Esther

Over the years that we have been involved in overseas mission work, we have taken youth groups from our church and other churches. As a result of taking teenagers to Haiti on their first mission trip, many have gone into ministry and full time mission work in countries all over the world. One of those young people that traveled with us is Morgan Simmons.

We told her she is welcome to travel with us anytime she wishes, she is such a blessing to take on a trip. Now she is preparing to go on a mission trip that would be impossible for most of us. As you read Morgan’s own words, you will feel the passion she has for serving the Lord and those whom the Lord puts in her path. Also, I am asking each of you to pray for her and support her financially. This ministry trip is really BIG, but I promise you the trip and Morgan are worth the investment.

-Jerry and Esther Bryant


-Morgan’s Words-
The first thing I felt was an almost overwhelming sense of excitement. I, Morgan Simmons, get to go to South America for 11 months. The next thing I felt was self-doubt. Doing a long-term mission has been something that I was almost afraid to dream about because, well . . . it just didn’t fit very nicely into the detailed plan I had mapped out for my life. But, the thing is, my life plan has not worked out the way I wrote it down on paper. At all. I have strived for control in my life for so long that when I felt the Lord calling me to apply for this trip and leave everything that feels comfortable to me, I was terrified. And fundraising?? I could feel my anxiety rising very quickly.
So, how does one raise $17,561? I can tell you already that I still have plenty of moments of near- panic when I think about this amount, but here is what I am learning right now about fundraising:
-There is no room for pride, anxiety, or fear in this process. These things will take away the opportunity to do this God’s way, and will rob of me of my joy and peace
-While independence is a prized virtue in our society, interdependence is what reminds me that my life is not my own. I believe in my heart that the Lord brought this trip to my attention; and just like He called me to go, He has called others to send me.
 Fundraising is not just about asking people for money. It is about developing a team of people who felt led by the Lord to be in my corner. This will be a team with a long-term mindset to support me either financially, prayerfully, or both.

Because the Lord has led me to the World Race, He will provide exactly what’s needed for me to go (Psalm 30:8- 9). Even though I can’t see the future, I know that His ways of doing things are better and higher than mine. With these things in mind, I would like to ask you to prayerfully considering joining my support team.

What is involved with being a part of your support team?
- Financial or prayer support, or both
- Encouragement
- Subscribe to my blog so that you can receive email updates when I post something new NOTE: I will up- date this blog during my entire year of travel; and I want you to be able to follow my journey. 
-When you get the opportunity, tell a friend or family member about my trip.

Prayer Support:

-For me and each of my team members as we prepare.

-For team unity, wisdom, discernment, and the grace of God as we travel and minister together.

For the continent of South America, and for each country specifically: for open doors and hearts, protection, and new relationships in each country.

Each of my team members is praying for one country in South America, and I am praying for Brazil. I would love for you to join me in prayer for this nation.

Financial Support:

Total Cost: $17,561

My goal is to be fully funded before I leave in August. However, there are some Fundraising Deadlines that extend into the months of the trip, if needed:
 $5,000 – Due 5/13/2016 (Fundraising Goal 1)
 $10,000 – Due 7/22/2016 (Fundraising Goal 2)
 $13,000 – Due 9/30/2016 (Fundraising Goal 3)
 $17,561 – Due 11/30/2016 (Fundraising Goal 4)

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